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Sunday, February 9th, 2003
6:18 pm - damn talk about painting the town red..
So the day began innocently enough, I woke up went to the gym, showered and got ready to go out. We caught the 7:38 train to Nyc and got there an hour later. So we eat some Roy Rogers and continued on our way to the Mad River Inn Bar on 82nd and 3rd. There we started partying from 9:30 on. Dozens of drinks and hundreds of dollars later(with some bump and grind thrown in between), the party began to wind down like 3am.

Then it started to fall apart. 2 of my friends got their jackets taken and that put a definite damper on things. Then we took cabs to the tick-tock diner for food. As we walked in some weird old drunk guy with a pony tail like smacks my friend in the head. We laugh it off and think nuthin of it, then Mario comes back from the bathroom and is like "yo I just spit on that guy". 2 seconds later another dude shows up and says he's a cop and that he's gonna haul Mario in... We call his bluff and Ryan was like "You ain't no cop, show me your fuckin badge." no badge was shown and he left and return with 2 uniformed NYPD officers. Then the weird pony tail dude showed up again and started yelling at Mario, they wanted him taken in. So to make things better my friend George starts yelling at the cops, and now they wanna take him in too. I basically sat there and just focused on what kind of omelet I wanted(mexcian w/ cheddar jalapenos and salsa). So after the scene we caused at the diner finally things began to calm down. The cops left and luckily enough no one was arrested. So I was pretty pissed at my people for being jackasses and I didn't mind tellin them.

So we paid and went to PENN station and waited 45min for our train back to Jersey. On the train was a very large black woman and apparently George wasn't through being verbal for the night and he must've said something to her. So she began yelling and cursing at us very loudly and the conductor almost threw us off the train at Newark twice. Eventually we exhausted ourselves and I decided to get off at Rahway and just hop a cab and sleep the night off in Clark. Then I heard more crazy shit happened when they got to NB station. The land mass of a black woman called up a 300lb. black dude to fuck up my friends. They all got off the train and then he started talkin shit and punched my friend mike in the neck. They ran off and got the cops. I assume they just went home from there. Damn... I think this night took years off my life, but it was sure one hell of an adventure!

damn crazy kids and their booze...

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Sunday, December 15th, 2002
3:06 pm
So I was reading through some of the livejournals that Rachel contaminated my computer with last night between squints, and I swear, people are such losers. Between whiney threats and chess references I was just disappointed in my fellow man. I mean fuckin grow up. Not that I am the most mature person in the world, many of you can attest to that, but you gotta admit that I approach life with just a tad more enlightenment than most of the slugs you come across. Anyway, I hate being preachy but seriously get a life. There is more than one girl out there by the way, even if she is hot.

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Friday, December 13th, 2002
2:15 am - ugh... happiness for me is the space between injuries..
In all my infinite wisdom(incidentally i just spelled wisdom wrong when I was typing this) I decided to play basketball today. I warmed up stretched out, did all the precautionary things to prevent another horrific knee injury and played. I wasn't bad, my groove was coming back. Then I went up for a rebound, came down and Wham! sprained the fuck outta my ankle. It made that fantastic crunch sound, like cracking all your knuckles at he same time. So I hobbled frantically around the gym, like a hobo on fire, and retreated to my apt. Here I spent the remainder of my day writhing in pain, freezing(from the constant icing) and trying to study. Right now I feel pretty damn terrible. I just wanna punch something, or pass out. Well night people, hopefully tomorrow it'll be less swollen and purple... the ankle I mean.

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Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
11:32 pm
don't forget your condoms!

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Sunday, October 27th, 2002
4:42 pm - you fuckin people...
I'm not tellin any of you fuckin people anything. You're shady as hell, and shit never stays quiet. Leave me the hell alone and don't ever expect me to be sincere...

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002
3:12 am - before you die go see the ring...
It was a pretty decent day. I went to Polish class this morning and took a very easy exam. The whole was like 7min long.

I went to work in my snazzy uniform and passed out on some Indian woman's couch for about 2 hours. Work goes much faster when u guard a couch.

I went to the movies. Red Dragon was pretty good(Leah's taste in film cannot be trusted). It was mostly like the book so I enjoyed it. Then my room mate had the idea to hop into another movie so we saw the ring on the same ticket. Not bad for 5.75?

Now this movie was freaky, I suggest you all go see it in a nice quiet theater... at night ofcourse. If there are any damsels out there I'll go with ya :-)
It was seriously intense and clever.

So here I am late at night as usual, so I actually did some work. I wrote most of a short autobiography for my med school apps.

Tomorrow I get to go costume shopping woo hoo!!!!
oh yeah party 23 Robinson st. Friday. Be there or regret it. Those that missed the New Years party did.

nighty nighty LJ freaks!!

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Monday, October 7th, 2002
3:57 am - late night nausea
That Avril Ladouchebag video "Sk8r boy" literally made me vomit. I just had a bit of pasta and now it's all gone. Watching all those pre-pubescent losers with their dyed hair and thrift shop clothes running around on stupid bikes and faggy skateboards just turned my stomach. Ugh... one more group of teenage losers piling into a piece of shit hatchback will seriously give me an ulcer. That Avril Lacumdumpster is even worse, with her fake blue contact lenses, shrill voice, and pitiful lyrics represents so much of what is wrong with this country. The fact that a no talent little jailbait mallrat gets airtime is just wrong... wrong... wrong...

I just can't wait for the day when I can buy and sell her sweet little ass :-)

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Saturday, October 5th, 2002
2:32 am - so i went out to have some fun tonight and...
I went to a bar, the knight club on Easton. Hung out for while, danced a bit drank a few beers... after a while it was all sausage and we left, so we headed to Pete's, which is like a block away. We're debating whether or not to go in and out of the blue a huge brawl breaks out into the street all around us. So I'm still all calm and composed, my friends all migrated across the street watchin the whole fuckin gang war goin on..

Then i see this one dude get dragged into some dark alley, where like 5-6 guys just start fuckin beatin the shit outta him. No one was around but me, and he was gettin kicked like full force in the face. So benevolent as I am I rush in there and start throwing guys off of him. This one white dude in a guinea tee was still kickin him hard so I put him in a full nelson and dragged him off. Then I ran in, picked the fucked up bloody kid from the ground and pulled him away into the street. I drag him to his feet and tell him to calm down, cus he was just gettin his face kicked in. The silly motherfucker punches ME in the face, after I risked my ass to help him. I let him go, didn't punch him back or kill him as my insticts suggested. that woulda probably defeated my whole point in saving him wouldn't it.

So I walk away, he got me in the jaw, no big deal, didn't hurt. So I was all pumped up, like literally seeing red with adrenalin. So idiot Pete decides it would be a good time to mess around with me. I sweeped his ass on the ground and wa like choking him, until I realized who it was and let him up. Damn people are stupid. Fights are stupid, I hate em, but goddamnit I will beat someone to death if they catch me right.

It's a side of myself that scares me a bit. Whatever, so far I think I can still keep myself on a leash.

anyway... I need another cigarette. Still a bit riled.

(23 Robinson tomorrow)

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
11:15 am - round round get around... I get around... YEAH!!
Whats up people?...

some things: Rachel never got me my contact lense solution and I know for a fact she was in NB last night...SHAME ON YOU!!!

Leah, after making a big deal about calling me at 7pm last night for some mystery crap, never called... SHAME ON YOU!!!

My air conditioner, after working without fail all summer, decided to fuck me now... SHAME ON YOU!!!

ok, now that I got that over with. Apparently I've been MIA recently, not true, I've been home chillin, senioritis has set in fully now. All I pretty much do is sleep, gym, work, maybe 4-5 classes a week if I feel ambitious, and drink.

party on saturday...23 Robinson st. (just throwing it out there, none of u will come anyway... cocksmokers!)

I am sick at beer pong, last 2 outings I won on average 16games in a row... and people still have the nerve to talk trash.

To that girl I made cry last week: Fuck you you bitch... You shouldn't be talkin shit out your front porch if your self-esteem is so low that if some calls u fat u break down and cry. Go call Dr. Melfi you whore!

To that girl that asked us for directions to College Ave. a couple of weeks ago, and then had the nerve to call us assholes after we helped you: I'm glad I called you a fuckin cunt. I hope you get vaginitis and drown in your own secretions...

To my pack of 20 class A cigarettes: Why don't you last longer you bastard! btw... who's ever had a class b cigarette anyway?

Ahh... can't wait till i go buy my Brotherhood of the Wolf dvd... Oh yeah, where are my movies Leah?

Well, I'm sick of sitting in the dumb computer lab, people here are weird..

To all the people I like.. nuthin but love for ya.

To all the people I dislike... I'd like to take a big steamy dump on your forehead!

Peace :-)

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Monday, September 16th, 2002
7:16 pm - ho hum...
Life is becoming so mundane. I wish I could find someone that would actually surprise me. Everyone i know or meet is so predictable. I wish I could find a chick that'll keep me on my toes. Goddamnit people... prove me wrong just once!!! FUCK!!!!

some interesting news...

current mood: bored

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Thursday, September 12th, 2002
3:01 pm - mmmm...well rested
I decided to skip my class this morning, after I woke up a half hour late for it. So I continued to doze until about 1:30pm. Finally I am now all caught up. I've been a victim of raging insomnia lately, so this was very refreshing.

So I here that "Debbie Does Dallas" will be openning in October at the Jane street Theater. It's the touching tale of a cheerleader who will do anything(and anyone) to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. It's a story of determination, drive, and sexual perversity. So who wants to come? Tickets on sale soon!

what a world we live in, when porn becomes art... btw I'm not kidding about this.

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002
2:06 am
you guys are all so shady...

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
9:12 am - Hello yall....
Work is definitely winding down this past week. I got 9 days to go, the finish line is in sight. I do my routine experiements everyday, but most of the time I just sit here on my comp and read MSNBC stuff. I can't do any "interesting" internet surfing because the man is watching what sites I look at. So no porn or naked news or anything.
I stumbled upon this little gem of an article today. Could it be the death knoll for emo, I sure hope so... damn whiners.


"Some serious fans even have a “look” — short, greasy hair, dyed black with bangs cut high on the forehead; glasses with thick black frames; thrift-store clothes and chunky black shoes; and makeup, on anyone."

once MSNBC gets a hold of it, it's just gonna go downhill from there.

Yesterday was fun, the girls were in rare form, everyone was horny. I even had phone sex with Rach's butt. Katie's nipples were tweaked. Liz humped her...
and a partridge in a pear tree.

So on the way to 52 to get some work done I notice to my left the two people having sex. They were upstairs with the blinds drawn and the lights on bright. I could see shadows thrusting, shadow boobs bouncing, and a shadow leg in the air. I was most amused.

so does anyone want to go to the movies with me Friday and that that new M. Night Shamamamalalalalamamayan movie? It looks good as hell and i read some reviews, supposed to be scary...come on attack of the crop circles! you people are lame.

Well I'm gonna go back to brainstorming innovative ways of hiding my wood...peace

current mood: tired

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Monday, July 29th, 2002
3:18 pm - A tad bit cranky....I
So I'm at work once again, makin the Benjamins, saving the world one experiemt at a time. I feel like this rat I injected today, really cranky and pissed. Maybe it's just that I'm tired, I don't know.

Horny too I think, but then again who isn't.

"take me to bed or lose me forever..."
"show me the way home momma"

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Friday, July 26th, 2002
11:43 am - I am borderline retarded
I don't know what I doing today. I can't even do simple math in my head. I think it's all because I actually got a good night's sleep last night. Damn seven hours, now I am all over the place, horny and scatter brained. Thank God i don't have any really important experiments to run today.

Well it's Friday and the week is over, amen. Not that the weekend will so much fun either. I have another MCAT 8hour diagnostic exam sunday bright and early. I just wanna drill a hole in my head and let the sap flow out, we could make syrup!

I just wanna go home today, crawl under my covers and hibernate...or get laid either one would be highly enjoyable i think. Any takers(for whichever scenario)?

Tomorrow I will try to spend the day studying, but knowing my roomates I will go home today and the apartment will look like a suicide bomber blew up in it. 10 to 1 I'll be cleaning either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. At the very least our bathroom is clean...for now.

Ha funny story. My roomate goes out to walk this hoe home and comes back a few hours later all hopped up on shrooms. Idiot was buggin out and knocking things all over his room. Granted i was trying to sleep(some of us future wealthy white folks need their rest), and the noise was ridiculous, I laughed nonetheless.

Then numbnuts decides to drive back to his home town 45min away all messed up. I swear he is on the Natural Selection hit list. He'll end up dead, his model girlfriend single, and I'll swipe my big room back. win-win no? nah, I love that kid even though he can be braindead. Now his townie ass deliquent friends? A few of them could fall to alcoholic Darwinism and I wouldn't mind.

So what is everyone doing tomorrow night? I'm thinkin of watching my brand-spanking new Royal Tenenbaums DVD or maybe doing some knitting.

Eh I'm sick of typing, bye fuckers....

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Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
12:23 pm - Amelie Blue balls
Yeah so yesterday was pretty good. Work was alright, even though I was drowsy all day. I came home and went to the gym. Had a good dinner, Leah accompanied me, but I think I'm running out of food now. We watched most of Amelie but the damn dvd was scratched or something wasn't working and we had to stop. It's a charming film and I wanted to finish it but circumstances were uncooperative and as my title states, I was left with Amelie Blue balls...

I actually managed to get some sleep last night, thanks to my two little friends(tylenol PM- take 2 and call me in the morning).

I get to wear a tie to work today. I'm visiting Merck Corporate HQ for some presentation. They're usually boring, but at least I get to leave work early.

MCAT class tonight, the test is upon me, less than a month away. I really need to get cracking on this damn thing.

Oh well back to surfing the web, reading articles on Theoretical Physics(interesting, no?)

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
9:06 am - so funny my abs were hurtin.....
Rewind to about a month and a half ago. I'm at some random backyard party drunk off my nut. My friend Mike introduces me to this girl he used to work with. She's cute and all, with a very distinct tattoo on her shoulder. Meaningless chit-chat ensues and we eventually leave. Then the debate begins. I probably started it, as I usually start shit like this, most likely by asking: "So whats up with that whore?"

"Whore?" a reply

"Yeah, whore."

we banter back and forth about this girl's whorish nature. I insist that in the 30seconds i met her, I got that whore vibe.

The debate was left at a standstill.

Fast-forward to last night. I get the call: "You gotta come over right now and see this."

I go and what do I find? Hardcore filthy porn featuring this filthy girl! Upon realizing who it was I made a few calls. Joy spread like a rash among my friends. This chick still works with pete, hehe, what a skanky hoe!

I know this isn't headline news, but it made my night for damn sure. To all the girlies I know, if you go out and get photos taken of you like this, you'll be branded filthy whores too, but we'll still be friends :-)

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Friday, July 19th, 2002
1:10 pm - World's first professional LJ entry writer here
Oh the pain of it all. The agony of the hangover, like a dull noise that gets increasingly more iiritating as the morning progresses. You just want to shut it out but every attempt you make only spreads the pain further.

Merck should seriously develop a cure for the common hangover.

I went to Marita's cantina last night to see Pete's Band play and I got faced. Went to bed at 3am, woke up like 5hours later, late for work. Dressed, showered, and drove for 45 min and strolled in promptly at nine. No one noticed I think. However the hangover lingered...

Little piece of advice, don't bring up your Midterm Evaluation to your boss when you're having trouble standing. The conversation can only go downhill from there.

Definition of Irony: I work at a pharmaceutical company and right now I'd kill for an Aspirin.

weird thing though, for some reason when I get like this I am always very horny. I'm sluggish as hell, can hardly sit up straight, but I'll be damned if I wouldn't bang the shit outta anything right now.

I'm gonna take off early today. Rach call me and tell me whats up. Everyone else come over at your earliest convenience. I can't promise I'll be wearing pants, but life is about the unexpected.

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Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
12:30 pm - hmm...weird dreams
So I'm in this house. I think it's on central street, but it's big, with a pool in the backyard and a pretty dilapidated interior. there's about 6 people in the house, various nondescript guys and girls. Michael Myers is chasing us all around, drowning, slashing, and brutalizing people all around. I'm armed with nothing but a pneumatic nail gun and my wits. Sounds like a good film plot huh, well it was my dream the other night. I didn't get much sleep because it felt like i was daydreaming rather than gettin a goodnight's sleep.

I was a total zombie yesterday...couldn't function. I got home, ate and passed out.

So this weekend, I wanna stay in and watch movies the entire time! Any takers?

don't feel like blowin more cash on booze and loose women....plus i could look over some books while i'm doin all this.
you guys aren't interested, i know it, so bite me!(makes a Leah-like cranky face to scare the young ones)

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Friday, July 12th, 2002
1:39 pm - slide, slide, my kingdom for a slide!
So here's where I am now... preparing a presentation on my project to the whole department. Did I just say that? Damn... powerpoint presentations, symposiums, lab coats... whatever happened to napping in the checkin corner of Blockbuster in the area between 2 security cameras on a rainy, hungover Sunday morning? Ahh I'll miss those days. Wearing goofy uniforms with little chili peppers on them, going home smelling like guac.

Doesn't matter, the title may have changed along with the attire, but I'm still a slacker nonetheless.

Yeah so I'm makin powerpoint slides now. It's a pretty nifty program.

Partying at Rutgers tonight! Anyone up for some Fosters? Australian partying tonight if u wanna come just gimme a ring. 1-900-sex-me-up-skrip

I wanna see a movie tomorrow night or something, dumb and summerstyle- dragons or aliens take your pick.

Why is it a bad thing to be called a sexual predator. I think it would be cool to prowl around catlike lookin for the next thing to pounce on, where I come from that sort of thing is called a weekend. I mean cool, you're a sexual predator, but what matters is your prey. Big difference between goin after a beautiful gazelle and little 5year old timmy. It's the opposite for us. Predators in the African savannah target the weak, sick and young. Try that shit now and you'll be lokced up only to get 10 years later and have to walk door to door announcing that fact that you showed your wang to an 8 year old girl(good old Megan's Law).

so for all you sexual predators out there, the faster they can run better catch they are. the rest of you are sick! sick! sick!

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